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Serving Clients nationwide. If you're disabled and can't work, contact us online for a free initial consultation. Don't ever give up.

The Law Office of Charles E. Binder and Harry J. Binder

Americans like to work. We like to earn our own way. And most of us do exactly that for most of our lives. But some of us aren't that lucky. Some of us get hurt, or get sick, and we simply can't go on working. That's why there is a Disability benefits program at Social Security. If you're a hard working person who has paid the required amount of your FICA (Social Security) taxes, and your doctor says you simply can't work anymore, you're probably entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

If You're Having Trouble Making Ends Meet

Many people who cannot work due to their disability and are having trouble making ends meet. At the Law Office of Charles E. Binder and Harry J. Binder, our attorneys know the financial strain this can put on you and your family. While Social Security Disability benefits are an important resource, the Social Security program rules assume that working families have access to other resources to provide support during periods of short-term disabilities — including workers' compensation, veterans’ benefits, private disability insurance and savings. At the Law Office of Charles E. Binder and Harry J. Binder, we can talk to you about those options too. We can also help injured veterans find the support they need.

Duration of Disability

Your disability must last or be expected to last for at least one year or result in death in order for you to qualify for Social Security Disability. This is a strict requirement imposed by Congress in the Social Security Act.

Why Hire Us?

At the Law Office of Charles E. Binder and Harry J. Binder, we work with clients all over America. Our decades of experience and our strength make life a little more comfortable for our clients, while they are enduring the long waits of the Social Security process. We have some clients who come to us because they know that, unlike other firms, we will take a case from the very beginning. They know we’ll do a professional job of filing initial paperwork and completing the confusing Social Security Disability forms. We have other clients who have already been denied SSD benefits and come to us for help. We even have some clients who have already qualified for SSD and must prove that their disabilities still exist.

Nobody Has More Experience

Between the two partners, Charles E. Binder and Harry J. Binder, we have over 80 years of representing Social Security claimants.

Our firm’s structure allows us to bring in highly qualified attorneys to win your Social Security Disability claims. And it puts in motion the development of new technologies, like video conferencing, to make Administrative Law Judge hearings more convenient for our clients.

A Law Office With the Resources to Help

The Law Office of Charles E. Binder and Harry J. Binder is located in New York, but we extend our reach across America. No matter where you live we can represent you in your Social Security Disability claim.

Social Security Disability Attorneys

We’re successful because we deal with our clients powerfully, professionally, and personally. While we cannot change the unfortunate circumstances of your disability, we can take over the burden of making the benefits process work for you. As Charles Binder says, “We’ll deal with the government. You have enough to worry about.”

Here's How We Get Paid

We get paid only when we win your case. Our fee is set by law. It is 25% of your past-due benefits. This means that you don't have to hesitate to pick up the phone and call us. There is no reason to put off getting the help you need just because you're feeling strapped for cash. Our fee is the same no matter when we begin our work for you. Let us do our job by hiring us early in the process.

If you have already been denied at the reconsideration level or at the Administrative Law Judge level, we will work hard to win your case. For complete details on our fees, please click here, or ask for the pamphlet called "Our Fees."

Don't Ever Give Up

If you’re disabled and can’t work anymore, call the Law Office of Charles E. Binder and Harry J. Binder at 1-800-4-BINDER or contact us online for a free initial consultation. Don’t ever give up.

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