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When we talk to clients, we make sure that their specific Social Security Disability concerns are given the attention they deserve. We understand that many people who cannot work and who are waiting to receive Social Security Disability benefits have a very difficult time making ends meet. We understand that people feel physically, emotionally, and financially victimized by their illnesses, as well as by the Social Security Administration.

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By taking the time to listen and to make sure you get the attention you deserve, we want to send a clear message to our clients: We will work hard to get you the benefits you deserve. Don’t ever give up on your Social Security Disability claim. Contact the attorneys at the Law Office of Charles E. Binder and Harry J. Binder by calling 1-212-365-5017 or by completing an online contact form for a free initial consolation

The Law Office of Charles E. Binder and Harry J. Binder has over four decades of experience as Social Security Disability attorneys. They represent Social Security Disability claimants across the country.

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No matter where you live, you can call us at 1-212-365-5017 or complete our online contact form. Even if we don’t have an office in your area, we have the capability to represent you with your Social Security Disability case.