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Seizures Disability

Seizures Social Security Disability Claims

When you suffer from seizures, you are certainly hindered from doing a lot of activities. You may be prohibited from driving a car or operating heavy machinery. You can’t be around unprotected heights. And your choice of occupations is seriously limited. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) often denies many seizures disability claims.

The main reasons for denial of seizures disability benefits are the frequency (or infrequency) of the seizures and failure to follow prescribed treatment. When reviewing your seizures disability case, the SSA will require copies of all your medical records, including a description of the seizures and the frequency that the seizures occur, from a treating physician. The SSA also might ask for a description of your seizures from a family member or friend who has witnessed your seizures.

The SSA’s parameters for seizures that qualify for disability are extremely strict – one wrong answer or missed medical form and your claim could be denied. They have made winning seizures disability benefits difficult. Many Social Security Disability applicants become so discouraged and intimidated that they eventually give up on filing for Social Security Disability for their seizures.

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