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Arm Injuries

When an Arm Injury Prevents You From Working

Especially if you've worked all your life, an arm injury that prevents you from working can be life changing. Most jobs require use of both hands and arms. AN injury to a dominant hand is more important that to the non-dominant hand. And age is a factor here, too. As you age, it is hard to adapt to using only one arm—and pain is a big issue as well. What will you do if you can't work? And how will you make ends meet? Luckily, we have a plan.

Proving that your arm injury is a disability is our attorneys’ responsibility once you hire us.

If you have an arm injury and you would like to obtain Social Security Disability benefits, your doctor must state that you are unable to work a normal, five-day-a-week, eight-hour-a-day job. Your doctor's opinion must be supported by "medically acceptable clinical and laboratory findings." Unfortunately, many genuinely disabling conditions are difficult to diagnose through objective testing.

Your disability must last or be expected to last for at least one year in order for you to qualify for Social Security Disability. This is a strict requirement of the Social Security Administration.

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