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SSD Claims Attorneys Representing Individuals with Severe Headaches as a Disability

Severe Headaches That Impair Your Ability to Work Could Classify as a Disability

Everyone gets headaches. But not everyone gets the type of frequent, severe headaches that could classify as a disability. Headache sufferers may endure recurring headaches, migraines and cluster headaches, and these can keep them from working, and functioning normally in the work world.

Many people try to control these severe headaches. They use prescription medication and make changes in their environment, diet and lifestyle. Often, they try to stay out of situations that have triggered the headaches in the first place - just to function normally.

If Your Doctor Says You Can't Work Anymore ...

If you have severe headaches and your doctor says you can't work anymore, talk to us at the Law Office of Charles E. Binder and Harry J. Binder about how to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. We help tens of thousands of clients every year win Social Security Disability benefit claims across the United States.

Working with a highly experienced Social Security Disability team is critical to your success because these cases can be difficult to win. Nobody knows what causes certain types of headaches, nobody knows how to treat them and headache disability impairment is not yet listed on the Social Security Disability list of impairments.

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