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Renal Failure Disability

Renal Failure Social Security Disability Claims

Renal failure, also known as kidney failure, occurs when the kidneys fail to properly filter toxins from your blood. You may have heard that if you have been diagnosed by a specialist as having permanent renal failure the Social Security Administration (SSA) has a special listing that can make receiving renal failure disability benefits a relatively straightforward process. Sadly, this is a myth. Regardless of the condition you face, the information provided by your healthcare provider is what the SSA uses to approve you for Social Security Disability benefits. This information must be complete and thorough in order for you to get the benefits you are entitled to.

In order to receive Social Security Disability for renal failure, you will need a detailed history of your disorder, all doctors’ visits pertaining to your condition, information on the treatment you are receiving and how your body is responding to those treatments, and statements from your treating physicians.

Applying for renal failure disability benefits may require a lot more time and energy than you can commit to while undergoing daily treatments. At the Law Office of Charles E. Binder and Harry J. Binder, we work with the government so that you don't have to. We understand the frustration our clients feel when filing renal failure disability insurance or benefits claims, so we go to great lengths to help them get successful results.

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